* As per the Photo, The Connecting is quite easy because RLY-32's connecting portions are all The Terminal Tables, so that you can use normal Press down Connecting.

* There are 32 Relays, all Individual Signal can be received.

* Owing to RS-232C using Controlling method, even Personal Computer can do the Control easily.

* It is absolutely Insulation between Personal Computers, etc., because of Relay herein.

* Wider and More Effective Systems sure be offered with Our Developed Controllers and Equipments.

[front view] [rear view]

Channel 32channels iEasy setting in/outj
Output style Relay
Input style Photocoupler
Maximum input limit AC200V/15A
Maximum output limit AC250V/15A
External control port RS-232 x 1 (D-sub9S)
Power requirements AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 50W
Dimensions W430 X H177 X D330 mm (EIA 3U)
Screw diameter of connector 3mm
Supplied accessories Rack mount kit

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