* Higher Speed & Increased Accuracy of XC-2001A which has been cultivated by the history of XC-2000A , can realize the Best Controlling about Stagemanagements & Directions of The every Events.

* It is epock-making development ! Under the same size & space, The Extend Slots are Increased.

* Your Headach about System Building for Pictures, Sounds, Lightings and Active Robbots , etc., especially The Interlocking of those individual Systems, sure be able to be solved by this Contorller, XC-2001A.

* This Controller was born just through Our enough Experiences to establish many kinds of Systems for Stagemanagiments & Directions.

* Our Development Policy of [MORE SPEEDILY , MORE ACCURATELY and SEEKING ALL OF POSSIBILITIES] is Concentrated herein, and will be presented to you.

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CPU V55 (PD70433)
Serial remote RS-232 x 1
Original LAN in/out BNC in/BNC out
MIDI Input DIN5S x P
MIDI Output DIN5S x P
Analog Input

frequency detection^Audio peak detection


External I/O Photocoupler 16 input 16 output
LCD Panel 16x2 character (Yellow backlight)
Keypanel LED light momentary switch x20
Power requirements AC85V-AC250V
Power consumption

15W(Only Base unit)

(With Extension Board 85W)

Dimensions W430xH88xD240mm (EIA 2U)
Weight 4.9kg(Only Base unit)
Calendar timer Include
Supplied accessories Rack mount kit

Extension Board
S-I/O Board sio.jpg (43968 byte)

4channels Loading serial interface board.

Easy switching from RS422 to RS232.

DMX Board dmx.jpg (43007 byte)

DMX use lights control board.

External controllable for RS232.

Relay Board relay.jpg (40628 byte) 24channels Loading Relay board.
D-I/O Board dio.jpg (42594 byte) 32channels photocoupler loading input/output board.
D/A Board dac.jpg (42345 byte) Light control board for main use(DC0V`DC10V).
LTC Board ltc.jpg (40735 byte)

LTC use SMPTE timecode board.

Also RS232 timecode out from various sync.

AV Matrix Board av_sel.jpg (52767 byte)

4in4out Video.Audio matrix board.

Complete sync style switching from channel one video source. also 8 color pattern generator out.

For example

back.jpg (75054 byte)

DMX Board CPU Board
LTC Board AV Matrix Board
S-I/O Board

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