* Based from our XC-2000A & XC-2800A, The Conroller XC-2525A has been developed for the purpose of the Fullest Confidence about the Corresponding System build.

* Both of RS-232C & RS-422A of Serial Correspondings can be sellected alternatively by Internal Switch.

* This Controller can be applied to every kinds of Situation, though Higher Speed and Works are required for Systems Controlling in these days.

* LC Display & Ten-Key are standardly equipped, It is easy Man-Machine Interface.

* Quite Accurate Calendar Timer is Buil-In.

[front view] [rear view]

CPU V55 (ƒĘPD70433)
serial control port

RS232/RS422 switchable x 8channel iRJ-45 femalej

External input

photocoupler x 16

Maximam input limit +COM +24V

Maximam input DC 20mA

Externam output

photocoupler x 24

collector - emitter DC+50V

emitter - collector DC+5V

collector 200mA

External control port HIROSE series1645
DC output DC +12V
Analog input

frequency detection^Audio peak detection x 2ch

DC0V - DC10V(8bit) x 2

LCD Panel 16 x 2 character(Yellow backlight)
Key Panel LED light momentary switch x 12
Power requirements AC100V-AC130V
Power consumption 30W
Dimensions W429xH44xD330mm (EIA 1U)
Calendar timer Include
Supplied accessories Rack mount kit

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